Winter Park, Florida is a beautiful place to live, work and go to school. The Visual Effects School in Winter Park is particularly good.

The courses you’ll take will enable you to have the career of your dreams! With your degree from Winter Park Visual Effects School, the sky is the limit! Literally! You’ll be able to create space ships and galactic battles on the movie screen. You’ll learn how to make imaginary things look and act real to the delight of movie goers all over the world.

With your degree from Winter Park Visual Effects School, you’ll have the opportunity to take your career anywhere you want it to go. How about to the Academy Awards? How cool would it be to step up on that famous stage and accept your award for the best visual effects in the movie of the year? Wouldn’t it be great to have your talents and skills be recognized like that?

You could do special effects for everything from movies, to TV programs to even commercials and be very well paid for your efforts! A degree from Winter Park Visual Effects School will put you on the road to the career of your dreams.

Imagine getting a script for an epic fantasy movie? Just think of all the new creatures and locations that no one has ever seen before, except in the mind of the author, that is. You’ll be able to take the author’s descriptions and plans, and put them into action. You’ll be the one who designs the sets, who comes up with the fantastic costumes and the amazing creatures who inhabit the world in the movie! You’ll be able to make them seen as real and believable as they can be!

How would you like to be in charge of the visual effects for one of the great historical productions? You could re-create the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius! Or the Great Flood! Or scenes from the Civil War battles! Your education from Winter Park Visual Effects School will enable you to make every scene a success.

Wouldn’t it be great to make dinosaurs roam again? You’ll be able to do it with a degree in Visual Effects. Your creations can interact (on the screen at least) with live actors and it will look as real as if it were happening right in front of the audience! They’ll scream in terror at a T-Rex as it lunges toward an actor. They’ll gasp with awe as the pterosaur swoops through the sky on the movie screen. And every one of those creatures will be there to entertain them because of you! Because you went to Winter Park Visual Effects School and got a degree. You’ll be able to smile with satisfaction when you read the reviews or hear people talking about the movie that you helped to create! What a career you can have!

Just call or visit the website, today! Winter Park Visual Effects School is waiting…

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