Whether you have a lifelong passion for art or are simply interested in getting started, the Winter Park illustration schools will give you the experience and education that is necessary to achieve both personal fulfillment and a satisfying career.  Winter Park has a great environment and has several highly effective illustration schools, making it a highly conducive place for learning and an enjoyable personal life.
The general topic of Illustration includes a great variety of ways to use art to produce different kinds of final products.  Illustration is not simply limited to art that is created by hand, as digital forms of illustration have recently become incredibly popular and easy to pursue, even if you are a complete beginner.  Even if you completely either lack drawing ability or are just not interested in drawing,  you can be amazed at what you can accomplish through digital forms of art.
The Winter Park illustration schools will provide you all of the education you will need to be highly successful in the many forms of art.  Classes involve various types of classroom work and studio work.  The classroom work teaches you the information that is necessary to prepare you for created actual works, as a great amount of historical and technical knowledge in your specific field of illustration is necessary to make you the best artist that you can be.  In the studio classes, you will actively be instructed on how to create art.  If you are pursuing more traditional forms of art, you will learn how to draw realistically by replicating actual things around you, though you will also be taught to draw creatively.  In digital media classes, you will learn how to use all of the newest software and you will be amazed at how much of an understanding you will gain of how the media you encounter in your everyday life is created. 
This is because there are so many exciting careers in illustration that can get you involved in a variety of jobs you would have never imagined you could end up doing.   Movie posters, magazines, commercials, animated films and video games are just a few of the dozens of projects a graduate of a Winter Park illustration school could become involved with.  These projects all involve both traditional artists and those that use a more technology-intensive approach.  If your dream is to create work that stands alone, you will also find a market looking for your skills, and Winter Park is a great place to get your started.
A great amount of Winter Park’s culture is centered on the arts, making it a great place to learn and to enjoy oneself.  Not only are there the several schools, but there are always various exhibits to be seen and festivals to not only attend, but to show off your work in.  There is also the Winter Park Sidewalk Arts festival, a nationally known event that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  Winter Park is also constantly providing various musical events, including the Winter Park Jazz Festival, so you can be sure that you will always be around highly cultured and interesting people.  Not only will there be plenty of events for you to enjoy, but you will also learn plenty along the way from meeting other highly talented people.
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