How about exploring the beauty of Winter Park added with the delight of perception about the ambience of art there? An ideal blend of what was created by the combined efforts of nature and humanity, a unique and almost mystical experience about life and leisure, life and art, life and work; in fact an integrated, satisfied life but for ever longing to express itself artistically and aesthetically, strongly and always! Around 1850s the site was noticed by wealthy industrialists and by the close of the century a planned township emerged with lakes surrounding and adding a charm to this lovely resort in Florida.

Thanks to vigorous efforts from the local administration from the inception the place has retained its grace and charm and even now there are severe restrictions on cars and other vehicles on speed so that the local people are not inconvenienced. Little wonder then that Art has marked this lovely place as its own and Winter Park Fine Arts Schools are a class by themselves acquiring a trade mark as it were. The pace of modern industrialization has changed the landscapes of many cities and towns in the last one hundred years or so. But there are some areas which are jealous of their natural beauties and would not allow the mere material advancement to mar the beauties of nature. Winter Park is one such place where tradition blends with modernity and nature has not lost its charm. The Cornel Fine Arts Museum is truly a public institution retaining in depth the rich artistic traditions. With more than 6,000 works of art it also has a collection of exquisite Renaissance paintings and draws a good crowd round the year. A number of programs are conducted by the museum authorities to sustain knowledgeable interest in painting and allied arts. The Winter Park Fine Arts Schools are a class by themselves. They take into account the needs of modern society and its complex requirements in interior design and allied arts.

Despite raising huge buildings, man is also conscious of some fine-toned aesthetic appeal in the interior of the buildings, halls, rooms, auditoriums, stages, theaters and every living place some space for beauty, spark of aesthetic sense and an appeal to the finer values too. Therefore, the demand for suitably trained designers who would combine the pristine flavor of nature but will fine hone the same to suit the exigencies of change has grown considerably. And the more artistically inclined take it as a challenge to morph the brick and mortar also into a garden of art and grace. These illustration schools also impart instruction in a number of modern requirements like graphics and animation. The emphasis in arts apart, there is no dearth of other educational opportunities either. Based in Winter Park, one can have access to business schools, science and technical colleges and universities for higher studies as well. The place over the decades has developed as a great tourist spot as well attracting the largest number of tourists to the Florida State.

The lakes and adjacent forest ranges add to the charm of the place. A compact stationary population, however, has its roots here, proudly entrenching itself as the torch-bearer of culture and governance.


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