The pacific northwest can be a great place to get your Film degree. We are going to specifically look at a few different schools in the state of Washington. My hope is that this article will give you info you need to achieve your goal of obtaining a degree in film.
The first school where you can receive a degree in film at is Central Washington University. This public school in Ellensburg had over 10,000 students in 2002. Approximately 80% of the applicants are approved. You can obtain a bachelors degree in approximately 4 years. 
Another option for your Film Degree in Washington is the largest of the three schools we are covering, The University of Washington-Seattle. Three quarters of the school population scored at least 520 on the verbal SAT while the remaining twenty five percent scored above 650. in 2002 64% of the applicants were accepted to raise the population to over 40,000.
And the last option for your Film Degree in the state of Washington that we are going to explore is The Art Institute of Seattle. The Art Institute is the leader in creative and applied arts education. Each study program is reviewed for relevance by industry advisers and leaders from the marketplace. The experienced faculty will guide you and fellow students through the process of writing, shooting, directing, and editing several narrative films.
These are only a few of the avenues that the state of Washington has to offer for your pursuit of a Film Degree. These educational institutions will provide you with everything you need to begin your rewarding career in the film industry. That’s a wrap!

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