Prospective art students living in Washington shouldn’t hesitate about their career any longer. The Emerald City provides two fantastic examples of interior design schools in the state and just what an art degree can offer.
Fashion design is one of the hottest fields in art and architecture. Those in the state of Washington or nearby areas interested in accruing the skills in art and architecture will not regret obtaining a college degree for interior design. Interior design is a field that weaves together many disciplines in art and architecture, and the courses offered by schools such as the Art Institute of Seattle or the International Academy of Design and Technology train students to master those disciplines. Colleges such as these will provide students the abilities needed to be successful at interior design or related fields. In the process, students earn a degree in as little as two years, expanding their portfolio and opportunities in the competitive job market.
Finding the right art school can seem daunting, but the city of Seattle has two renowned programs to offer those in Washington and beyond. The International Academy of Design and Technology boasts degrees ranging from game design to digital media production. The interior design program is meant to be tailored for a student’s specific needs; classes are personalized and offer an art student extensive career guidance. The Academy features an Associate Degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in interior design. The Associate Degree is a two-year program that covers the basics of design in two-dimensions, three-dimensional logistics, and spatial planning. In addition it also lightly covers human factors in successful interior designing through courses that cover the art of color, sight, and business. The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree is a four-year program that takes the knowledge learned in the Associate Degree and builds upon it, with extra classes dedicated to the art of color, design, and the business side of art and architecture. The International Academy of Design and Technology is an opportunity to hone skills that those who fashion themselves as potential artists and live in Washington do not want to miss.
The career choices that degrees from Washington Interior Design Schools will provide can not be understated. For instance, the Art Institute of Seattle also features a wide range of opportunities for the aspiring art student. The Art Institute focuses on giving students the proper techniques to create exciting and captivating visuals, whether intended for interior design or the culinary arts. Those who have graduated from this school have gone on to have hot careers in companies of all types, including MTV, Walt Disney and Affiliates and Washington’s own Nintendo of America. The market need for those with a strong background in art, architecture, and design in particular means that those who obtain a college degree for interior design or a related field will be in high demand. Therefore they will receive plenty of opportunities for employment and a satisfying career. All this can be accomplished through a college degree in art design that can be earned within two to four years.
Washington offers some renowned schools for interior design. Whether it’s furniture, windows, walls or any other aesthetic that can be appeasing to the human eye, a college degree for interior design will allow a prospective art student not only the ability to weave the disciplines of art and architecture that are needed for the interior design field, but it will also allow an art student to weave together an exciting and fantastic career.
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