In today’s competitive environment, studying at a Washington Graphic Design School provides students with much needed advantages. Take a look at a few of these graphic design schools in Washington to see what they offer.

If you are considering attending school for graphic design in Washington, these are some popular choices among other students for their choice of Washington graphic design schools. These colleges are located throughout different areas in Washington state. Going to school in Washington provides many unique activities to engage in. For an arts student who is studying graphic design, the thriving art scene and beautiful scenery of the cascade mountains should provide an excellent supplemental element to your education.

One of the great Washington graphic design schools is The Art Institute of Seattle located in Seattle, Washington. Because this is an art school, it is a great place to go to school for graphic design. Being surrounded by other artists who work in other mediums can help to improve and expand your own knowledge of working in the graphic design field. Being that the location of the school is in Seattle, you certainly will not run out of fun activities and places to explore in this bustling city. Being in a city is also a great way to discover inspiration especially when going to school for graphic design or art.

The University of Pheonix has many locations in Washington where you can take graphic design courses. The University of Pheonix has locations in Belevue, WA which is in Western Washington, and in Spokane, WA, which is in Eastern Washington.

If you are looking for a technical school, ITT Technical Institute has three different locations in Washington to choose from, two of which are located in Seattle. ITT Technical Institute located in North Seattle is in Everett, WA. ITT Technical Institute in South Seattle is located in Seattle, WA. There is also an ITT Technical Institute located in Spokane, WA.

A college to attend which is more focused on the arts and where you can take graphic design courses would be the International Academy of Design and Technology which is also located in Seattle. This school features small classroom sizes which gears more teacher attention toward the student. This academy also offers other courses such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Digital Media Production. Taking courses in these other areas can also to help you in the future when you have graduated and are looking for a job. Studying fashion design, for example, may help you get hired as a graphic designer for a fashion design company.

After studying and graduating with a degree in graphic design, you can typically find a job as a graphic designer in the field of your interest. If you are interested in fashion, you can apply for a job at a fashion design company that needs a graphic designer to help them create graphics for their clothes. If you are more interested in advertising and marketing, you can work with a marketing company to help them create logos to promote their business. Graphic design offers a lot of versatility because almost every company out there that works with visual interest is going to need a graphic designer. Choosing one of these Washington graphic design schools can help you to work in a position like this in the future through their excellent education.

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