A great option for aspiring Fashionistas.

Fashion encompasses many disciplines, and within each of these, there are various opportunities to find a suitable career path, whilst still being part of the fashion industry as a whole.

Anyone with aspirations to be part of the fashion industry, whether it be as a fashion designer, a fashion illustrator, a fashion PR specialist,  a fashion buyer, a merchandiser, or a fashion photographer, will find that Washington fashion schools provide all the necessary training and skills,  to ensure that students are provided an opportunity for a full and rewarding career.
The courses offered by Washington fashion schools provide training through various programs, generally available in two-year associate degrees as well as four- year bachelor’s degrees. Certain Washington fashion schools, such as The Art Institute also provide an online fashion course, which includes the following programs:
•    Apparel / Fashion Design
•    Fashion and Retail Management
•    Fashion Design and Merchandising
•    Foundation for Design
•    Fashion Marketing

Attending a Washington fashion program provides much more than the basics in fashion. It should be remembered that fashion is an art, as well as business. Understanding the fashion industry and obtaining skills in the world of fashion is vital, however, in addition to these skills, Washington fashion colleges include programs on entrepreneurship, as well as technical and applied business skills.
Preparing the student for an internship within the fashion industry, and ensuring that students build up a good portfolio of their work, is given priority at Washington fashion schools. Students of all ages and experience are accepted at most colleges. Students who have imagination and are creative are specifically encouraged.
Fashion is all about keeping up with general trends and, of course, reaching a stage of setting trends. It is with this in mind that a fashion design program, for example, would include the following aspects within the curriculum:

•    Change within the fashion industry globally
•    Conventional skills and traditional techniques – knowledge based training
•    Computer technology – skills training in computer-based design, pattern drafting and manufacturing
•    Innovations – honing innovation skills in the field of fashion
•    Training for the novice as well as the established fashion student

Washington fashion programs are continually updated to reflect all the latest industry standards and proven concepts, methods and practices within the fashion industry. Many programs include classes presented by well known fashion experts.
With the all encompassing courses offered in Washington, making the transition from fashion student to fashion business person or employee becomes less stressful and ensures better prospects for students – irrespective of their chosen career path within the fashion industry.

There are also various incentives at fashion schools within Washington such as the option of internships at department stores, as well as various business centers and design centers. Students will also   be able to attend fashion events throughout the year, provided in conjunction with the Seattle International Trade Centre.

Washington is currently the fourth largest apparel manufacturing center in the United States, and comes in as the third largest player in the apparel industry as a whole, following California and New York very closely.  It follows, that Washington fashion schools are an excellent option for all aspiring fashionistas!

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