So you want to be an architect..
If so, then one of Washington State Architecture schools could easily fit the bill. High student retention rates, state of the art facilities and dedicated world class faculty members are only a few of the benefits to joining an architectural program in Washington. Still debating?
Well, Washington State has always attracted students and professionals alike for its natural beauty, great nightlife, safe learning environment and excellent education for a reasonable price. There are endless programs so one of them will surely fit your needs. 
High profile companies such as Microsoft and Boeing – to name just a few – could provide students with exciting career opportunities once graduated. 
When considering an Architecture school in Washington, there are a few key questions you want to ask yourself:
1.What exactly do I want to learn? 
The range of educational careers you can pursue now is very wide. Is it Architectural Studies or maybe Construction Management you want to study? Specialization is where we’re heading, it seems.
2.How good are the teachers?
Look at the list of lecturers on the school’s website. Do your research on them. Check if they’ve published any studies, researches, books, if they take part in conferences. Read what other figures in the industry say about them. After all you’ll put so much time, money and effort into those studies and you want the best ones to guide you in your journey to success.
3.What facilities will I be able to use?
In practical courses such as Architecture this is key. Are the classes well equipped with drawing boards, computers and the right software? Is there a rich library with the latest and greatest books and magazines on Architecture, Design and other related subjects? Adequate facilities will set you for success. 
4.How much will I pay?
Is the tuition reasonable or is it way above average? The prices can vary significantly from a sweet $8000 (South Puget Sound Community College) a year to a hefty $23,300 (University of Washington). Are there student loans and scholarships you can get hold of?
5.Where will I stay?
Do your research about student accommodation. Is it reasonably priced? How safe is the campus? What are the requirements for it and when to book it? Is it easy to rent a room nearby should the need arise? Get yourself a new place you can call home.
6.What awaits me 2-4 years from now?
Is the school connected to industry sectors or is it purely academic? Some schools, such as The University of Washington get specialized design studios to connect students to local and international communities, giving them opportunities to develop highly specialized skills. Schools, which are strongly tied to the industry, can make it easier for the graduate to get started in the ‘real’ world.
To sum it up – Washington is a great place to live and study in and when it comes to Architecture, there are various options. When doing your research don’t just take the schools’ word for granted, look for independent opinions. Websites such as give independent reviews of US schools. Contact schools and ask for information packs. Arrange a visit and get the feel of the place, chat with students and let them have their say. 
Now that you know the facts, it’s entirely up to you. Are you going to take the plunge?

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