In an ailing economy, attending a Washington Advertising School will provide you with the edge you need to secure a job in a fiercely competitive job market

        With jobless rates soaring, the job market in the United States is looking rather gloomy. One must wonder what they would have to do in order to secure a stable career in times like these. Thankfully, Washington Advertising Schools provide us with a little help and a little edge on the competition. Washington Advertising Schools are paralleled by none. There are many options as to where one can seek an undergraduate degree in Washington in Advertising, an ever-flourishing field (even in times of economic hardship). However, here we are only going to focus on a couple.

 The first Washington Advertising School that begs to be noted is the University of Phoenix (PU). With two locations in Washington (Seattle and Spokane), PU is ideal for people around Washington, as well as outside of the state. For those considering the field of advertising, PU has a rigorous undergraduate program for a degree in Business with an emphasis on Marketing. This provides students in this degree program with an edge on other schools that might solely provide a degree in Advertising. After all, in order to understand advertising, you need to understand the business that you are advertising for! PU also provides an edge in today’s gloomy job market because it allows its students to graduate quickly. And the sooner someone graduates, the sooner they can pursue a career! In addition, this undergraduate program applies directly to the career which it leads to, giving students skills and knowledge that they will be able to directly apply to their jobs after graduation.

 If the University of Phoenix does not strike a chord with you, there is a chance that another fantastic Washington Advertising School may grab your attention: Washington State University (WSU), located in Pullman, Washington. At WSU, those pursuing the field of advertising are able to obtain an undergraduate degree in Communication with an emphasis in Advertising. This is excellent for this field because communication is exactly what one is trying to achieve when they advertise! WSU provides students with a variety of tools to help them gain an edge in today’s fiercely competitive job market. First, they provide students with the opportunity to employ their skills with hands-on work at the school’s TV and radio station, as well as the school newspaper – all excellent avenues of advertisement. In addition, WSU (because of its prestige) regularly sends its students on internships around the country in national media outlets in places such as Chicago, New York, or Seattle. And through these internships, many are offered full-time positions upon graduation. And if that is not an edge on the competition, then what is?

 As you can clearly see, attending a Washington Advertising School is an excellent choice in an ailing economy. The University of Phoenix and Washington State provide excellent training and education in advertising, a field that will always be expanding. And as the field expands, so will its workers’ income. So who can argue with that? Check out one of these Washington Advertising Schools today!

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