Seattle is the Pacific Northwest’s largest city, and communications and technology are two of the area’s major growth industries. Those who have an interest in the field of multi-media or video games should consider studying animation, where they can major in a variety of specialties, including special effects, graphic design, and video graphics. They can demonstrate their creativity and artistic skills as they study in one of Seattle visual effects schools and throughout their careers, while realizing that a certain level of programming ability or computer savvy may also be needed as they select their various courses and plan for the future.

Students also discover that the courses being offered in Seattle visual effects schools are tailor-made to suit their needs as they prepare to become story-board artists, directors or editors and work in film, television or other media. Today, video games are one of our country’s favorite diversions, enjoyed by young and old alike, and those who chose that career path will master the technology and theories that are essential to game design.

Increasing Your Chance for Success in Seattle Visual Effects Schools

If you can demonstrate a certain amount of job flexibility by specializing in more than one area of visual effects after you complete your courses and begin your job search, this will increase your chances for employability and provide you with more career options in our challenging economy as well. The many universities, colleges and technical schools in the Seattle area offer a variety of certificate and degree programs in the animation field, and their instructors are both highly trained and industry-oriented. This ensures that, with a bit of careful preparation and consultation, you can find the one that is exactly right for you and in line with your budget.

Consider the Best Programs in Seattle Visual Effects Schools

The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus offers many varied, extensive programs leading to undergraduate (BFA) and graduate (PhD) degrees in the animation field, and some students with an associate’s degree transfer here to earn additional credentials in their chosen field.

At Seattle’s Edmonds Community College, the visual effects programs are an interesting combination of new and highly innovative courses and more traditional ones that should never be overlooked, and they also provide a solid foundation if students decide to pursue further studies and enhance their skills later on. For example, its Visual Communications program, which leads to an Associate of Technical Arts degree, will help you to develop your multimedia, web design and graphic design skills as you work with a varied array of the latest software.

Nearby Bellevue Community College provides an outstanding Digital Media Arts program that focuses on animation, video production and gaming, which will prepare you for a career in managing content, creating digital media or starting your own business to work on various animation projects. This two-part program offers a Certificate of Achievement (shorter version) or an Associate of Arts Degree (longer version), which provides even more opportunities for the student’s growth and success in the visual effects field.

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