Visual Effects is a popular field of study among the creatively talented. The technology and tools used in visual effects are so advanced today that seeing is not believing anymore! Virtually anything can be made to look real with graphics and animation. The application of visual effects in films started when directors needed to find alternate means to create realistic sets which would be costly or dangerous in real life. Many big budgeted films like the Jurassic Park were landmarks…in pioneering the utilization of visual effects. With the availability of cheaper animation and editing technologies even amateurs and enthusiasts are experimenting with visual effects through home productions. Animation, 3-d modeling and computer generated imagery all have wide applications in various forms of media. The ability to make seemingly impossible human tasks look real makes the study of visual effects appealing. Hence, Visual Effects has been one of the most sought after courses in the top art universities across the globe. The evolving nature of this subject ensures that the best courses are the ones that are constantly updated at the exact same pace at which the industry is evolving. The Visual Effects program is designed to tap your creativity to produce visually captivating design for film, television, and the Web. The core content of visual effects programs in most of the colleges include topics like animatronics, miniature sets and modeling, digital painting, live action effects using blue screening and green screening , texturing, rendering and digital animation. These courses also explore the various applications being used currently in the industry. Since the computer revolution has accelerated the growth in this field many courses also cover the programming concepts for visual effects to get better understanding of the applications being used. Graduates of Visual Effects programs have a variety of career options including visual effect specialist, multimedia artist and assistant designer. Big production houses like Walt Disney and TV channels like MTV regularly recruit visual effects specialists for their various productions. Although visual effects are an important component of film making, much of the work is done after filming. However, a visual effects supervisor closely works with the director right from pre-production and through the filming to ensure that the director’s vision is accurately captured while implementing the visual effects. When we start exploring visual effects schools to find out the best places to study visual effects, Tampa, Florida comes as a natural choice. Students who wish to study in Tampa, Florida get a great deal as they can choose from some of the best programs and colleges and live in a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural environment. Tampa is home to 18 schools, the biggest of them being the University of South Florida. The Art Institute of Tampa which is a branch of the Miami International University of Art and Design offers a course in Visual effects and Motion graphics which covers all the latest cutting edge developments in this field. A leader in the field of creative and applied arts, it ensures the curriculum stays relevant with constant review by industry personnel. Tampa with its Cuban heritage promises a wholesome learning and living experience. The Latin festivals and local festivals like the Gasparilla pirate festival are celebrated by everyone with great aplomb. A center of art and culture, it has places of interest like the Lowry Park Zoo and the Salvador Dali Museum. The adventure island and the Clearwater beach are also great places to have fun and relaxation. Tampa is interestingly home to the world’s longest unbroken sidewalk, the Bayshore Boulevard. Tampa also offers sports entertainment with the various professional football and baseball teams that are based there. So do not wait anymore. Check out the visual effects school in Tampa and let your imagination soar!

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