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Gone are the days of splicing film, sifting through the archives and loading up projectors to display your creative content. With the invention of the personal computer came a new era. Not only could we throw away the bulky film reels and splicing tools, but we began to think differently about how we displayed our content to the world.

Along with the invention of the personal computer came software that began to change the way content was displayed to the world. Television stations began using Visual effects to stimulate the viewers mind. Movie directors began to use visual effects to bring in bigger crowds to their movies. The largest user of visual effects however is advertising companies.

There is big money to be made in visual effects. The only way to guarantee a job in California though is to attend one of the California visual effects schools. The best part is that California has an ever growing education system and is the largest in America.

If you do decide to undertake the exciting career of visual effects in California then you should expect to study some of the following subjects at California visual effects schools:
1. Digital Graphic Production – software usage
2. Graphic Design Fundamentals – the basics
3. Animation
4. Video Producing
5. Digital Graphic production and Editing
6. Motion Graphics
7. 2d and 3d Animation
8. Rendering visual effects
9. Advance Computer skills
10. Camera and Lighting skills
and many more exciting topics.

In California there is a wide range of visual effect schools. Some of the more prestige training establishments include, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, The Art Institute, and Westwood College. These are just three of the many California visual effects schools in the area.

California College of the Arts was rated as one of the worlds best visual arts colleges in 2007. They offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of visual effects. Because of the addition of more and more training institutions in California, then along with the Californian College of Arts, there are hundreds of other schools to start your career.

Perhaps you are not too confident just yet in starting out. Another option is to possibly take some small short courses in the Californian area. This tactic will also help you obtain the basic skills needed to get into a recognized college. Its important that you do attend a visual effects school as it looks a whole lot better on your resume and you will obtain a lot more respect from possible employers if you can say that you have tertiary education qualifications.

In summary, if your looking for California visual effects schools then some of the above mentioned schools would be perfect. If you want to get into movie making, advertising or video games then California is easily a perfect place for you to study. With the largest schooling system in America you should have no troubles achieving your goal as a visual effects designer. If you would like to work with movies, advertising, video games or television then visual effects in California is for you.

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