With the world of entertainment growing bigger by the day, the demand for visually stunning effects are also growing. Visual effects job description often is involved with the integration of live-action footage with a CGI or computer generated imagery. This will result in a realistic look but otherwise dangerous to do in real life. With many big budgeted films, they are commonly seen and recently available for amateur filmmakers are well.

One of the best examples of films that employ heavy CGI is the recent movie Ironman. Of which it garnered a lot of praise and have a 93% critic positive rates. The movie uses CG to animate his suit and other effects which are often almost impossible to do in real life or it would be too long to create. Another is Transformers which also has heavy CG use.

There are also other movies that are entirely made of CG; an example to this is Final Fantasy: Advent Children. It encompasses an impressive computer models which has great scenes that really improve the standards of how visual effects are made. There are also many Disney Pixar films that are entirely made of CG or visual effects such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars and a whole lot more.

The sole responsibilities of a Visual Effects job description are to animate either computer models or real life models. It takes time to make a visually stunning effect on film or in any other media format; most of it are used for making a great impact on the film. They are often using computer software such as Photoshop, CG modeling software, and other software that can easily create movement out of 3D models but there can be more tools for a common visual effects artist.

The visual effects job description is mainly done during post production. In which it would follow the planned scenes in the pre-production to production stages. There is usually a VFX supervisor to make sure all the effects fit perfectly in place.

The responsibility of a visual effects artist is to make sure all of the renderings fall seamlessly into the media. Especially with the live action scenes must blend together. They are often associated in doing the following things such as animation, 3D computer graphics, CG imagery, Matte painting, Physical effects, blue screen effects, front and rear projection effects and composting.

There are also independent films that are into the use of visual effects. Such as a Half-Life 2-inspired short movie titled “The escape to city 17” which has astoundingly made visual effects that would rather cost thousands of dollars but only used a measly 500 Canadian dollars to create due to its free CG contributors. Making films such as these can easily make a great portfolio and would be a great application for real jobs.

With the visual effects job description being rooted to making effects, they can also be used on administrative jobs related to the field. There can be project managers and other associated duties that can be useful for a high-paying career in the future. With its vast demand, it would be a great prospect for a great career.

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