Do you have stars in your eyes?  Do you think you have what it takes to be in motion pictures or even to work behind the scenes in the movie industry?  Then it’s time to pursue an education in filmmaking.  Virginia Film Schools are a great place to take the first step in acquiring your degree.  At Virginia Film Schools you can expect to find a curriculum that includes studies in Filmmaking, Digital Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Acting for Film, Producing, 3 D Animation, Editing, Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts.  Each semester you will be producing and directing a short film being able to put in practice everything you learn.  You will also be involved in the shooting and editing aspect of filmmaking too.

A Bachelor of Arts Degree at Virginia Film Schools can be achieved in as little as three years if it’s taken full time, along with the Seminar or short course study programs.  When you sign up for the Seminars or short course studies at Virginia Film Schools, you can be immersed in the industry from the very start.  You will learn all of the aspects of filmmaking from acting, producing, using camera, scriptwriting, and  lighting techniques.  If you have an idea of what type of career you want already you can concentrate more on that choice.  But if not, this is a great way to find out where your talents or interests lie.  You might have one choice in mind and be surprised to find that you are talented in another aspect that you might never even considered.  Or perhaps you excel in several categories.  Many actors nowadays are branching out and getting involved with several opportunities in the film industry besides acting.  So take advantage of all the opportunities offered at the Virginia Film Schools and learn about each branch of study involved in filmmaking.  It would behoove you to gather all of the empirical data now, which will help you make proper decisions in the future. There is no prior knowledge of filmmaking required when signing up for these Seminars.  At different times, during the Seminars, there are special guests that are featured as speakers.  Famous actors and actresses are asked participate, so you never know who might drop in to give you some advice. 

During your course study there will be many great opportunities to participate in internships with film organizations and production companies.  This is a great way to get on the job training for free!  You know the saying “Location, Location, Location”?  Well being at the right place at the right time might just provide you with more contacts that the telephone company!  The key to networking yourself is to volunteer and make your name known.

You also must remember not everyone who graduates from film school will become famous and well known.  There are all kinds of career opportunities available in TV, Film and Mass Media.  Achieving a degree from Virginia Film Schools is a great way to reach for your dream!

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