Palm trees, white sandy shores and a backdrop of the Cascade mountain doesn’t really sound like like Canada does it? Vancouver, British Columbia stands in direct contrast to our typical imagination of what Canada is. Vancouver has everything any city lover could dream; bustling metropolis, active nightlife and an incredibly diverse art scene. 

Different from most North American cities, of Vancouver’s ethnically diverse populace 52% actually don’t speak English as a first language. Vancouver is also home to the fourth largest port in North America, Port Metro Vancouver, inviting visitors from across the globe making for a larger tourism industry. Not to the mention having a vibrant film industry similar to New York or LA, Vancouver has been anointed the nickname ‘Hollywood North’. But if you’re looking for the art scene Granville and Downtown are the place to hit. 

Granville Island to Main street are simply loaded with the art galleries and clubs like the Bau-Xi off Granville street and the Backstage Lounge’s live music on Granville Island. The area is always overflowing with artists working from painting to web design. The market for artists and various other professionals is constantly reaming with opportunities ranging from the domestic to global from Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and many more. 

But if your more interested in the online work but still want to maintain your freedom to creativity, look into Web Design schools in Vancouver. A degree in Web Design can offer you a career as a web administrator, graphic designer, video game designer, desktop publisher and many more. Economic opportunity in and out of the country being so flourished and enriched by foreign influence accompanied by beautiful landscapes make Vancouver, British Columbia Canada an ideal place to study, work and relocate.

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