Vancouver is home to a vast array of historical attractions, scenic landscapes as well as numerous recreational choices. It is located alongside the northern banks of Columbia River within Washington. The city has been recently revitalized with several downtown constructions and architecture. Vancouver has quaint eateries, plenty of splendid art galleries and numerous displays of public art. Once in Vancouver, you will find spectacular artistic displays of the likes of Captain George Vancouver – a towering 9 foot bronze sculptured piece of the captain – weighing 1500 pounds, sculpture of Wendy Rose, Boat of Discovery and the famous Ilchee Statue and Plaza. With a bustling and vibrant art scene as well as noted artists such as Becky Anstine, Eileen Belanger, Sandee Burman and Lynn Flores, Vancouver promises to be an interior designer’s paradise. Vancouver interior design colleges thrive throughout the city and each college has its own selection of courses to offer students.

The choice of careers and job opportunities are endless if you take up a course in interior design here in Vancouver. The city has plenty of offer to budding artists and designers alike. Vancouver interior design colleges are equipped with coursework and curriculum, which prepares students for entry-level jobs in interior design. Most courses focus on real-life applications of skills learned and lean on hands-on training. Usually, the course ends with an internship, thereby providing students a feel of a real-world work environment. Besides this, the interior design courses also dabble in graphics and art communication to enable students to specialize within interior design if they wish to. Many interior designers go on to specialize in genres like resident, commercial, sustainable design, universal design as well as art and design.

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