Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city, covering almost 47 square miles, and home to over 600,000 residents. Students studying at Vancouver Graphic Design Colleges can draw inspiration from the city’s art galleries, most notable of which is the Vancouver Art Gallery. Situated on Hornby Street, the Vancouver Art Gallery is home to almost 8,000 pieces of modern and classical art. A quick stroll through the gallery will surely get your creative juices flowing.
Vancouver is becoming a popular production area for the film and television industries. Students from Vancouver Graphic Design Colleges can improve their chances of being employed in these industries by taking voluntary weekend jobs, or internships. They should also look for Graphic Design courses that contain at least some elements specific to the film and television industries.
A Graphic Design qualification doesn’t necessarily mean you will work in film or television. Any industry needing visual communication requires graphic designers. You could work on websites or printed publications, design logos and billboards, or create great advertisements.
When choosing your preferred Vancouver Design College, look for programs that will increase your employability. Courses should emphasize portfolio development, so you can show prospective employers what you can do. They should also allow for plenty of studio time, and teach the use of multiple computer programs such as Illustrator, Quark, Xpress and Photoshop. Look at the different curricula on offer. Each of the Vancouver Graphic Design Colleges will vary in terms of the course content, amount of coursework ,and time spent in the studio and on field trips. Decide which course suits your personal interests and learning style best, and which is better suited to your preferred career.

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