Vancouver, British Columbia is home to a multicultural population of almost 600,000 citizens, according to a 2006 census.  Located in the westernmost Canadian province, the city boasts diverse neighborhoods, which allows for an abundance of activities for residents and visitors.  Included in those activities is a vibrant art scene that embodies many of the cultures represented by the city’s residents.  

Vancouver is host to a bevy of art galleries and artistic neighborhoods.  With a rich artistic environment, employment can be found in such fields as:  glass blowing, printmaking and carving.  Another available career option that appeals to those with an artistic bent is the field of animation.

Vancouver animation colleges help prepare artists to enter a career that will enable them to use their natural talents, while at the same time earning a respectable living.  The “starving artist” label is shed when graduates of these programs enter the work force and find employment doing what they love to do.

Once enrolled in a program, Vancouver animation students will take such courses as:  3D Animation Art, Computer-Generated Animation, and Animation Visual Effects.  The classes in an animation program serve the function of both educating a student how to use current technology and developing artistic skills.  By the end of an accredited program, students will have established a robust portfolio to show prospective employers.

A distinct advantage to enrolling at one of the Vancouver animation colleges is the opportunity to connect with other artists from the local communities.  The city is host to a wide array of venues and festivals at which students can meet established artists and learn from masters of the craft.

Beyond the camaraderie of the artistic community, the natural beauty of the surrounding area provides inspiration to students of the local colleges.  There are many parks and available outdoor activities for artists to experience the city and enjoy the local scenery.  

There is a wide range of career opportunities awaiting animation students upon graduation.  One such opportunity in Vancouver is the Pixar studio, which opened in early 2010.  Pixar is a division of Disney and has produced such hit movies as “Cars,” “Finding Nemo,” and the “Toy Story” franchise.  The Vancouver studio is responsible for developing and animating three-dimensional short films.  Beyond opportunities with Pixar, graduates can find employment with advertising or industrial design firms, or enter the growing field of video game animation.

The animation colleges in Vancouver benefit from being in a community that values artistic expression and is home to people from all walks of life.  The positive attitude towards artists, coupled with the natural beauty of the city, creates an ideal setting for a student wishing to study the field of animation.  And students benefit from the many potential career opportunities they are presented upon graduation.


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