Originally founded in 1841, Dallas, Texas has become one of the major metropolises in America. The city is currently the ninth largest city in the country, and provides ample opportunity to anyone interested in a career in TV. From its art district downtown, to its numerous media outlets, Dallas is a hub of art and entertainment. For those looking to enroll in a TV program in Dallas, the opportunities for experience and education are numerous.  Dallas has more than 10 local and affiliate television stations, meaning there are ample chances to break into the field, whether it’s through internships or part-time work at the stations.  The city even has its own public access channel for those who want to try out their television expertise. Those interested in enrolling in a TV program in Dallas will also find several schools in and around the Dallas are that will fit your needs. Whether it’s the Art Institute of Dallas or the Dallas campus of the American Broadcasting School, you will have ample opportunity to acquire the education necessary to break into the world of television. These programs offer courses on broadcast journalism, writing and directing. Several other schools offer classes on acting and performance. A degree from one of these programs can pave the way to career in broadcast journalism or television performance. Career paths as diverse as news reporter, anchor, TV producer, director or even game show host can be open to anyone graduating from these programs. Dallas provides the perfect mix of educational opportunity and practical experience for anyone interested in a career in television. 

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