Top Portland Trade Schools

Portland Trade Shools are a viable option for just about anyone who is looking to further their education.

Traditionally, the closed-minded view of trade schools was that they offered only a minimal education. In addition, it was thought that trade schools, as well as vocational programs, were only suited for those students who could not hack at it in a traditional liberal arts college. This is simply not true. In today’s modern world, trade schools have become a viable option for many students. Whether they are a working adult looking for a promotion or a new high school graduate searching for specific career focused education, students can expect to receive a high quality education from trade schools.

Trade schools, also known as vocational or career schools, offer training and education geared toward one specific type of career path. When a graduate from a trade school enters the job market, they can expect to be equipped with a highly marketable set of skills and experiences, allowing them to demand a higher rate of compensation for their expertise. The Portland area offers dozens of different types of trade schools and vocational programs. They vary in category from simple beauty and esthetician colleges to more advanced degrees like paralegal and nursing programs.

In fact, the types of Portland trade schools are much more numerous than one would expect. Students with a mind for business can choose to attend schools such as Heald and Everest Colleges. If instead a prospective student wishes to pursue a more service oriented field, then Concorde Career College and Anthem College are available. Both of these trade schools offer courses in areas such as Dental Assistant, Nursing, Massage Therapy, and Pharmacy Technician. Vocational students with a bit of an artistic flair can opt to attend the Art Institute of Portland, which has a history of placing students in the art, media, or design industries; or perhaps, they may choose the Oregon Culinary Institute, which offers courses in Baking and Pastry as well as the Culinary Arts.

A student attending a Portland trade school program can expect to receive extensive hands on training in the areas that they wish to pursue professionally. Unlike a traditional liberal arts program that attempts to give the student a broad background of knowledge, trade programs or vocational programs provide students with skills that will help them have an immediate impact in their careers.

Many of these Portland trade schools have on site training. The Oregon Culinary Institute, Sumner College of Court Reporting, and Everst Institute all allow students to have first hand experience with clientele. Whether it is participating in real live courtroom drama or assisting in a dental office, these students receive invaluable experience.

There are dozens of other added benefits that come along with choosing a Portland trade school program. These institutes generally offer smaller class sizes, and the faculty and staff are able to communicate on more of a personal level. The costs of these trade schools are generally much less than traditional four-year colleges. Most of these institutes offer a job placement program, virtually guaranteeing the student a job upon graduation.

Yes, trade schools have become a viable option for students wishing to further their education. In the Portland area, there are a wide array of schools and colleges available, providing an education for just about any type of career path.

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