Can you recognize the top performing arts school? Start by asking yourself key questions.

The best performing arts school is the one that not only meets your individual needs, but also can incite your artistic aspirations and unleash your potential. You can find this ideal performing arts school when you look within yourself first. What you find there will guide you when you examine the top schools on your list.

Define Your Career Plan
It goes without saying that you should be clear about your goals before you apply for a school or college. However, careers in the performing arts add more dimensions to this consideration. As a performing arts major, you will have to decide whether you will include general education courses in your course plan. If you do, you will need a performing arts school that provides degrees that will include these general education courses.

Calculate the Cost
The cost of performing arts schools go beyond the course price tag. The arts are demanding and you may not have time for even a part-time job. Living far from home or in an expensive city will increase your cost of living. Even if you already have a solid plan that will pay for admission, pay careful attention to your projected cost of living.

Examine the Admissions Process
Nothing will keep you from your passion. But, make sure that your qualifications match the requirements of the best performing arts schools you are considering. Some performing arts colleges require a good GPA, while others require an invitation to audition. If your qualifications aren’t a perfect match for your top choice, decide if you will work harder to make the cut or if you will go to another performing arts school.

Gauge the Faculty’s Qualifications
The best performing arts colleges will provide you with professors who can also be mentors. Only working artists, who have recently put forth the hard work to make it in the toughest markets, will be able to advise and encourage you as you embark in the working world.

Look for Work
Work while in performing arts college will get you ahead of your competition. Build your resume and your confidence by working an internship or externship. Your performing arts school can help you find summer work. The top performing arts colleges know the value of work experience in your chosen field and will give you a head start on your career.

Forge Connections
The best performing arts schools are closely connected with the professional art world. Performing arts colleges that are located near major cities, such as New York and Chicago, will have relationships with the arts industry within the area. You’ll be more likely to get the breaks you need if your performing arts school and staff is well-known within the arts community.

The qualities that make a performing arts school the best has as much to do with the applicant as it does with the curriculum. Start by defining your goals clearly and honestly assessing your qualifications. When you are clear about what you want and need, you can find the best performing arts school that will fit your budget and unleash your potential.

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