Finding the right school to attend is an important step in the process when choosing to pursue a career in interior design. Logically one would want to attend one of the top interior design schools but determining which ones are the best, require many factors to be considered. 

A top art school should have a good reputation and rank highly among other schools but it should also cater to the specific needs of each student. Developing a list of criteria that can be used to evaluate the differences in each school is an excellent way to make a comparison. Some common factors to consider include tuition, housing options, location, assistance packages, class size, social life, safety, internships, job placement assistance and location. 

When pursuing a degree in interior design, a career path should also be determined by choosing to obtain either an interior design degree or an interior design diploma. A diploma will allow each graduating student the opportunity to apply for internships and become an entry-level assistant while a degree will put her or him on the path to apprenticeship which offers “real world” experience and help in passing the licensing exam. 

Other factors that should be considered are the quality of faculty, facilities and resources available to students. Most colleges will have a virtual campus tour that can be viewed online. This way anyone can get a good idea of what student life will be like without having to physically visit each school. 

Potential students may also want to consider what other programs each interior design school has to offer such as non-academic classes and activities including music and sports. Most top interior design schools also offer degrees in other art related fields such as photography, fashion and graphic design which add to the diversity of any college experience. 

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