So you want to study at a top graphic design college? Great! But there are many factors that need to be contemplated before making a choice. It’s a tough decision, and it’s not always the cost, the name of the college or the location that matters. Of course, having the name of a renowned graphic design college on your resume is desirable to anyone that’s embarking on the long, hard and perilous journey towards a fulfilling career in graphic design. But there are many more facets to the equation that need to be considered. It’s very hard to define what exactly are the best design colleges/art schools, and ultimately, it comes down to what matters most for the individual student. 

When deciding on what top graphic design college is best for them, most people value the capacity to acquire work placements and internships above everything else. It’s where you gain experience and it’s absolutely essential to begin building your portfolio from the get go. The location of the college can influence this, as some areas naturally draw in more commercial opportunities than others, and more commercial activity = more intern placements. Also, try and look up the employment rate for graduates at a college if it’s available, as a college with a high ERG is obviously doing something right for it’s students. The faculties of a college are just as important, as being taught by competent teachers on competent and up-to-date technology is essential for any aspiring designer (wether it be graphic, commercial, fashion or interior design). The best and most effective way of assessing this is by taking a hands-on approach by visiting the colleges and talking to the staff and students there. Most teachers/staff will be more than happy to show you around and quell any queries that you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask, because remember, it’s in their best interests to help. 

Whatever option you choose though, make sure that it’s a well-informed and objective decision and one that compliments you and your ambitions.

Did you know:

According to US News and World Reports the following are the top 2010 National Schools offering Art majors

1.      Yale University – New Haven, CT
2.      University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
3.      Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
4.      Brown University – Providence, RI
5.      Rice University – Houston, TX


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