Due to many considerations it is very difficult to define what exactly makes a top film college. It really comes down to what is best for each individual student. Some of these considerations include faculty, location, cost/financing, and other issues such as, urban/rural setting and non academic programs (like sports).
When it comes to faculty one important aspect is the availability to students. You will have to consider, if they be there for you if you need help outside the classroom. Location is important due to the effects the cost of living may take on your wallet. Cost/financing will make a big difference after you graduate and have the loans to repay, so it can be an important part of your decision. It would be beneficial to look into what grants and scholarships are available from the school. If the college is in a rural setting transportation could be an issue and you may ask about on campus housing. Also if you like to have something constructive to do besides non stop studying then you should look into what non academic programs are available as well.
A good art school will have a good job placement program upon graduation and internships available. Compare the percentage of students who are placed through the job placement program. Some other helpful hints include checking out the faculties credentials. Also ask to speak with alumni. They will be a great source to let you know the pros and cons of the various programs. Finally, and possibly most important, a top film college will have state of the art facilities and a real life working environment to learn in.

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