The avenues that designers navigate when pursuing dream careers are as varied as designers themselves. Some have formal educations at top fashion marketing schools while others gain on the job training. Other designers are not enmeshed in school but are elevated by sheer talent, with the opportunity to fill in skills. Still others are artists that enlist others to create their designs. On the far end of the spectrum, including celebrities, are those with concepts but no formal art or sewing background. How to determine which schools are best for a given student is as subjective as picking out the right accessory to match a black cocktail dress. 

Every year, more and more people are introduced to greater depths of exposure to the fashion world. The average shopper can likely name at least one of the top fashion marketing schools. Audiences are captivated by reality shows featuring up and coming designers and exposure to design celebrities. Fans of fashion gurus are treated to behind the scenes daily events such as concept, designs, fabrics, and tight deadlines for fashion shows. The show host, contestants and judges may visit or be alum from top fashion marketing schools.

The fashion industry is a highly competitive arena for those who want access as well as for those who seek to remain viable. Postsecondary education has given an edge to people to put them ahead of their pack of peers. Top fashion marketing schools can give students a competitive edge, from the least to the most talented reaping the added value of contact with industry insiders. Insiders remain trend savvy and firmly ahead of the curve. 

One trend that prompted designers to revamp their design market strategy is the shrinking market for designer apparel. The population of people who are able and willing to purchase quality clothes top dollar has declined. Added to this, the number of people who can wear smaller cuts of clothing has also declined. People who are not a size 0 are more numerous, and are willing to pay more than standard rack price for attractive clothes that fit well. 

Consequently, waistlines have designers more receptive to designing by demand. Keeping track of market trends is a matter of business savvy. Mass marketing is lucrative for designers who are no longer targeting buyers who want exclusive, one of kind designs. In fact, even celebrities have been spotted wearing wardrobe clones. Top fashion marketing schools can help students stay on top of trends and learn how to turn trends into apparel sales. 

What separates unique designs and unique designers from the masses may be a particular edge. However, before blossoming into a standalone designer dynamo, as with any career or personal development, a person has to lay the foundation. Basic training is not just for military types, but the gist of all careers. Top fashion marketing schools can provide students with the standards the industry expects. From the basic to advanced, students are then expected to rise to the level of their individual talents.

Top fashion marketing schools are often magnets for other related programs. Photography schools and modeling schools, interior design schools may draw visual artists and those who are often the subjects of visual artists. 

Students planning a career in fashion should develop a career map. Analyzing what skills you have now, and what skills you would like to develop to obtain career objectives is a surefire way to gain success. All schools are not created equal, no matter what career objectives are on your horizon. There are a spectrum of top fashion marketing schools to meet whatever suits your objectives.

Students should consider priorities, available curricula, faculty, school location, and monetary resources. A student may be interested in part time study or noncredit courses, or in internships, grants or scholarships. Format may also be a priority. Virtually all top fashion marketing schools have components or entire curricula available online through distance education. 

Whether a student is interested in following in the footsteps of fashion school alum or celebrity designers who took alternate paths, like Cinderella arriving at the ball garbed in jaw-dropping finery, the good news is that the industry is receptive to talent, no matter which road traveled to arrive at the apparel ball. Top fashion marketing schools can help students take the direct path to their fashion future.


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