Everyone loves listening to music, but what about actually helping to produce your favorite tunes? A career in music production may be for you. When looking for a school to study it is important to make sure they offer an extensive program allows students to learn about each aspect of music recording and audio production. This includes doing research to make sure the school has up to date recording software, studio equipment and offer a wide range of programs. You do not want to spend long hours studying one program only to find out it is outdated.

Throughout your program you will be working with mixing boards, microphones, computers, digital audio work stations and recording studios. It’s important to look for smaller class sizes to ensure more 1 on 1 interaction with the professor.  The top audio production programs will offer courses in communications, behavioral science, media and society among others in addition to the core music production courses. Also, when looking for qualities for a good audio production program it is important to make see that the professors are studio professionals that have experience to bring to the class.

Before applying to any schools you should decide whether you want a two year (Associates Degree) or four year (Bachelors Degree.)Some schools may only offer a two year degree so make sure you do your homework if you are going for a Bachelors Degree. You do not want to end up going to a two-year school when you are looking to get a four year degree.  Possible careers with a recording arts degree include but are not limited to: music editor, sound designer, studio manager, mix engineer, and broadcast engineer. The otential in this field is unlimited. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook in the music production industry is good and growing faster than average. Salaries can range anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 and above, making it all the more enticing to attend one of the top audio production programs. Having a career in the music industry may even allow you to work next to some of your favorite artists or collaborate on an upcoming film.

The top schools for audio production in the country are Full Sail University, Ithaca College and American University. If time is an issue then Full Sail would be the choice for you. They offer a non-stop 12 month program where you can get your Associates Degree in recording arts. It is time consuming and it is tedious but your experiences will be unmatched while attending this top audio production school.  In fact, for the 51st Grammy Awards, 41 Full Sail graduates collaborated on a total of 20 award winning projects. Also, a total of 15 graduates worked on 4 Oscar winning films. These projects include musical artists Bright Eyes and Kanye West and movies such as The Incredibles and The Dark Knight.  A career in the music industry is potentially very rewarding not only financially, but you will be able to see your hard work earn rewards.

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