Searching for the top architecture colleges can be exhausting as there are many factors that determine whether a school should be considered at the forefront of architecture education. Those schools considered to be the top architecture colleges should boast faculty with extensive experience in the field and well deserved reputations, up-to-date facilities and design software, innovative and interesting course offerings beyond the standard history, drafting and design classes, and have high job placement rates. The schools should also have well known alumni, association with high visibility projects, favorable industry notoriety, advantageous and pertinent industry partnerships, prestigious awards, and involvement with highly sought internships. Some schools run their architecture programs through tracks with emphasis on architectural engineering or interior design; specialized knowledge can translate to marketability after graduation and should be considered a boon if the college offers different architecture concentrations.

Obviously, most of your considerations are directly related to the architecture program, but the best design school will be the one that includes those elements you desire to incorporate into your college experience. Ask yourself whether the setting of a particular school, be it urban or rural, appeals to you. Be sure to explore the possibility of diversifying your studies through extracurricular activities like sports or music – many colleges will offer scholarships for involvement in such activities. Consider the location of each school in relation to your social support network.

Determine which schools you can afford; there is a wide range of cost represented by top architecture schools depending upon available financial aid, grants, and scholarships. In short, examine those elements most crucial to your ideal college experience – your personal hopes, professional requirements, and fiscal or physical limitations – and those design schools which line up most closely will be the top architecture colleges for you to consider.


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