Top quality photography is a form of art. It is like creating a beautiful painting. The quality of the photograph makes the picture as natural as possible. When the photographer uses imagination and emotion to back up the view in the photograph, a masterpiece is created. Where does someone go to receive the knowledge to create such masterpieces? One goes to the best photography school possible. What is the best photography school?

The question above can be impossible to answer. The person seeking such information should consider a list of potential top 10 photography schools. The perspective student needs to consider his or her needs in order to be successful.

What top 10 photography school should one consider? This can be accomplished by considering the following four areas: affordability, location, support, and the view point of the program. Affordability means can the student afford the tuition and the travel to and from the school? Location is important because the student needs natural places to use creative imagination to photograph things. Support is critical. Are there master photographers available to pair students with. On the job experience means everything in setting up a business. Can alumni help? The view point of the program means everything. Is the faculty into academic theory or hands on learning? 

Besides answering the above questions. One should consider the relaxation activities the school has to offer. One needs activities that are enjoyable and that will relieve stress. This area is important for the well-rounded individual.

For one to be successful, one needs to consider the above view points.

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