Graduating from high school and choosing a new path to take is a very big leap in life. It’s either you stay home and wash dishes or pursue a career that will help you grow personally and financially in life. If you’re a kind of person who got passion for Graphic design, values education and wants to achieve a good career path in the future, then choosing a right university, school or institution is a start. 

Everyone needs a school , university, and colleges to start with for a formal education. Formal education will give a person some credentials that he/she can use for a competitive approach in the future. There are more than thousands of schools, universities and institutions that are offering design courses. It is actually hard to define what exactly are the Top10 Graphic Design Colleges because not only there are thousands of schools offering such course but there are also a lot of factors that one must think about in choosing the right college, university, or institution. Every decision a student will make upon choosing an art school and program to take will be based for what is suitable for him/ her. Considerations include: faculty, location, cost/financing, and other issues like rural/urban setting and some other non-academic programs (like sports). Take note: If you want the best education please prioritize schools that are included in the Top 10 Graphic Design Colleges.

Here are the factors that make a college included in the Top 10 Graphic Design Colleges (defined generally): The school needs to be accredited. Accreditation ensures that the school you will go to provides quality curriculum, faculty, financial management, and administration. Its best if the school has regional and Programmatic accreditation. A student who enrolls in an accredited school can expect that he/she will receive quality education, federal grants and loan, and achieve higher possibilities of landing a good career in the future. Enrolling from a school by National Association of Schools Art and Design (NASAD) is important because it has established national accreditation standards and guidelines for school, colleges, and institutions promoting higher education in art design courses (photography, interior design, fashion design …etc). 

The school must also be WASC accredited, which means classes are transferable. Every semester they are always upgrading the facilities, programs, activities. New buildings all the time, new majors on occasion. They have tons of courses to offer like illustration, 3d design, sculpture, fashion, motion pictures, and film, painting etc. they have all the resources you need to pursue design professionally. Check for important affiliations or internships that a school can offer . It is also best if the school is linked with personalities that are known to have contributed significantly in the name of graphic design and education to reflect the superb education that the college has. Here are some considerations: please do check for the faculty, job placement, facilities, alumni who have graduated from program, internship programs, grants and scholarship. 

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