What defines the best game design school? A question that many face each year when deciding on what university to apply to. There are multiple factors which must be considered when making your choice. 
The first thing to look at is the faculty. Is there a strong staff there? Do they offer any one on one tuition? If the staff is highly spoken of and they can explain techniques clearly then they should be able to help the students with any problem they may have.
The setting of a school is a major factor in the decision making. Is the college based in a rural or urban setting? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a rural setting it may be more peaceful and quiet as there would be less traffic and pedestrians. There may however be a lack of facilities such as shops close to campus. 
In an urban setting the noise levels would be much higher as the amount of traffic would be greater. There may be much more available facilities and a better night life to compensate the noise during the day.
Do game design schools offer work placement? The simple answer is yes. Many of these schools have a three to six month period where the students are emerged in a real working environment. This gives the students a chance to progress in the industry. If a game design school does not however have such a program then the student may need to seek similar work during the summer.
It is hard to choose the best game design school. Each has its own unique experience. The question that should be asked is what is best for the individual student. There is a program for everyone; they just need to find it.

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