It’s not easy to say what makes a good film school. After all, creativity can flourish anywhere. But there are places where it can be nurtured properly, and the right environment is very important to a budding film student. Film schools also vary in what they teach, some specialize in one field while others may be a film school, writing school and directing school all in one. How do you choose? Ultimately what it comes down to is what’s best for the student. One must take into consideration such important things as. . .
* the schools faculty, who will surely influence all aspects of it’s learning programs,
* the schools location; many students will no doubt be working their way through school and must have opportunities within reasonable distance.
* A variety of non academic programs such as sports and liberal arts, such things are a big plus as they are said to be beneficial in the development of student creativity.
As for the top 10 film schools, there are several different factors that put them at the top.
* Facilities; A film school with good facilities is obviously preferable, as decent living conditions are especially conducive to a creative environment.
* Financing; scholarships, grants and internships are very favorable for giving gifted students from all backgrounds a chance to attend and develop their talent. 
* The history of the school and the Alumni who have graduated from it. Former students who make it big tend to donate large grants to their Alma Maters.
Research is always the best way to pick the right school for you.
Did you know…
According to US News and World Reports the following are the top 2010 national schools offering art majors
1. Yale University – New Haven, CT
2. University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
3. Northwestern University – Evanston, IL
4. Brown University – Providence, RI
5. Rice University – Houston, TX
6. Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN
7. University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
8. Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA
9. Georgetown University, Washington, DC
10. University of California Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA

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