Defining exactly which the top 10 advertising schools are can be difficult as each student is looking for something particular for their needs. One school will offer everything Student A is looking for but not what Student B seeks, and visa versa. One size does not fit all, so to be able to classify exactly which schools are top of the tree means looking at the whole picture, not just a section.
It’s not just the main program students take in to consideration, but many other issues as well. For example, location plays an important role – some students love the rural or coastal life, whereas others opt for the bustle of busy cities. Other students seriously consider the non academic programmes available, such as sporting opportunities, clubs, and general facilities the school can boast.
In today’s climate finance is a big factor. Students look at the cost of the course and what grants and scholarships are available at their chosen school. And an eye to the future is also important – a consideration is the availability of internship programs and job placements.
Of course, it’s not just about the extras. Students in today’s competitive market want to know they are getting the best value for their money, including the hope of a good career at the end of it. What better way to judge this than by looking at the Alumni who have graduated from the program. After all, successful past students are one of the biggest clues to the top 10 advertising schools!

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