They are often considered “non-traditional,” and may not necessarily be the right learning platform for every student, but the increase in online web design schools are providing interested students with an accessible, flexible, and considerably cheaper higher education option.


The increase in online blogs, websites, and social media networks in recent years has created a shift towards the graphic and the immediate. Subsequently, there has been a gravitation of students, specifically those in artistic fields, towards online learning.

Although it is difficult to define what makes a good online web design school, they all provide artists with an efficient, convenient, and mobile way to learn, as well as a platform that directly reflects their working environment. Artists, it can be argued, are possibly the most complex and subjective individuals of our time, and so too, is their decision when it comes to finding the best online schools for web design and other artistic fields including photography and graphic design.


There are many pros and cons when considering an online web design programme. One may argue that while some students will thrive in an environment where hours are decided by themselves, it does take self-discipline and commitment. Online web design schools are therefore generally targeted towards older students, or part-time students who may be working throughout their studies. 

The accessibility and mobility that online learning enables is an advantage specifically for design students. Online web design schools not only result in a significant decrease in cost as work can be done from anywhere with internet access, but they also allow students a wider time frame to complete assignments therefore giving them time and space for creative outlet. 

Although concerns may arise that online learning does not provide the creative campus atmosphere that some students may be looking for, it does enable a certain level of anonymity that other artistic students may enjoy. 

For students looking to further their design knowledge, online web design schools have the advantage that topics may be skipped, and students are able to decide on those of importance or interest to them. Due to this personal choice in study, students often experience an increase in memory retention and interest throughout the duration of the online web design course.  

As an immediate gratification generation, online learning provides a convenience to students who like to control their pace of learning. Online web design courses will generally provide a final deadline for assignments, but all other progress deadlines are created by the student themselves; a control aspect of learning that other education systems don’t necessarily provide. 

The criteria in choosing the right online web design school will differ from student to student and should be approached with an open mind. Each school will specialise in different fields and if possible, students should seek advice before making confirmed decisions. Although there are many considerations to take into account, the success and development of many online web design schools suggests that this new form of learning has been widely accepted by both students and the industry world-wide.


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