The Pros of Online Industrial Design Shools

Flexibility: perfect for the roll-out-of-bed-at-3-in-the-afternoon, type of design school. You’ll still have to go through the requisite number of lectures and complete the homework assignments on time, but for the most part, you can schedule school around your life,your life around school. This is particularly beneficial if you have children to take care of at home.

Ease of access: You probably have your own laptop, cable, and router tucked conveniently away at home, so you can log on and attend class right in bed.No traveling: You will arrive on time no matter what becuse you are at your house.

Have you ever walked in late to a lecture, been forced to sit in the very last row of the class, and found yourself unable to hear a single word coming from the mouth of your shy, quiet teaching assistant? You’ll never have to with online classes because everything you need to know is right there for you to read.

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with difficult or fast-paced courses? Many online programs will allow you to either finish your coursework entirely at your own pace or give you additional time above and beyond the average school term.


Tuition for online courses is often a little bit lower than traditional classroom courses because the overhead cost is lower for the teaching institution. Online students may also save money on activity fees and similar costs paid by on-campus students. There are also many ‘hidden’ savings associated with studying online. Most students save money on gas, parking or bus passes when they don’t commute. Many students are also able to keep housing costs down. Finally, many online courses give students access to e-textbooks or other digital materials that may cost less than traditional textbooks.

The Cons of Online Industrial Design Schools

No campus: It’s undeniable that a living, breathing college campus community is a huge part of the experience. no friends to have around you. No in-person interaction: Sometimes you just want to see the student or professor you’re talking to.


Self-discipline: The freedom offered by an online schools can be very hard for you deal with. Though most courses require a minimum of log-ins and lectures watched,it’s easy to procrastinate when you don’t have a scheduled hour and meeting place. An great amount of self-discipline.

Technology needed: This is an issue that isn’t equally shared among all students, but for some, it can be problematic. Depending on where you live.Going online to send an email or watch a lecture can be a difficult to do.

Most online programs deliberately keep their tech specs simple: A word processing program, a PDF reader and a computer and Internet connection fast enough for online learning tools. But these basic requirements hide the fact that most online education programs require students to navigate potentially complex virtual learning environments.

As you can see, the pros and cons of attending an online art school just about balance each other out. These are good starting points to keep in mind as you consider the option of online school.  

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