Online illustration schools allow future alumni to earn a degree from the comfort of their home. The demand for online art schools have increased dramatically and many universities now offer various online programs. As with brick and mortar schooling, online illustration classes have both pros and cons that you must take into consideration before you make your finial decision.

One of the biggest draws for online degrees in any field is that you can obtain it without leaving your home. No more dragging yourself out of the house on those cold winter days and fighting traffic for 30 minutes. With online illustration schools, your longest commute is from the bed to the computer. Since you are earning your degree from home, you also have the freedom to set your own hours. This means that busy moms who once thought their days of receiving a college degree were long gone can work around their children’s schedule to become an illustrator. The flexible schedule available with online learning also allows the student to work outside the home and earn a living without giving up their hopes of a degree in art. Furthermore, since you control when you learn, you also control the location of said learning. Anywhere there is access to a computer and the internet, you can take your online classes.

When online college degrees first became available, most did not qualify for financial aid. Fortunately, that has since changed and majority of the online degrees can be obtained with the help of financial aid. Furthermore, if you do not qualify for financial aid, many of the online universities offer some sort of payment plan so you can spread the cost of the illustration degree over several months.

Unfortunately, when considering the pros of online schooling you also have to take into account the cons.

Since the invention of the internet, there have been people looking to make a fast buck through fraud. A quick internet search for online degrees will bring your hundreds of websites claiming accredited degrees without study. Which means you pay them a hefty sum of money and they print and mail you a degree that is essential worthless. Fortunately, you can keep clear of these scams by investigating the online college. Perform an internet search with the online universities name and read what other people have to say. Also, contact the online university and ask for references of past students.

Another con associated with online illustration schools has nothing to do with the school itself and everything to do with the student. Before starting any online course, ask yourself the following questions. Do I have the self-disciple to perform the required work on my own? When learning from home, it is easy to let the freedom take over and you begin to lax on your studies. In order to be successful, you must be determined and work as hard, if not harder then, a brick and mortar university. Can I handle not having immediate answers to my questions? When you are physically attending a class, you simply have to raise your hand to get your questions answered. When obtaining an online degree, however, you have to wait sometimes days before your question is answered by your Professor.

Taking both the pros and cons of online learning into account will help you choose the right path when deciding which online illustration school you should attend.

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