Every good fashion design school provides its own variety of programs, and it makes it hard to define what a good school is.  It all comes down to the student’s needs and goals. Everyone has a different learning curve, and for some, it might be a challenge to find the right fit.  Paris, France may be out of your league, or maybe not.  Maybe financing is a requirement.  Living in a rural area offers its limitation, and you might not have the means to relocate.  It all comes down to what is best for each student.

When looking for the perfect fashion design school, you always have to keep in mind the most important thing, which is yourself.  You have to love the learning experience, and you have to get along with the faculty.  You don’t want to waste your money, and you want employment after your graduation.  

When assessing the programs available, you want to verify the school’s credit.  You want to know who graduated from this school and if they are having any success.  You will want to know what the employment ratio is after graduation.  If a school only have 10% success rate, stay as far as possible from them.  Verify if the school offer programs with grants and scholarships.  It might help pay and launch you to a great career.  Always ask a ton of question before choosing anything. Regrets only come with empty pockets.

A great fashion school will have a multitude of great programs to offer.  You should be able to learn the textiles, the arts, the business, and expend your creativity within your career.  They will teach you the skills you need to succeed in any type of environment and help you build a portfolio employers will die for.  Remember, the faculty is one of the most important things.  Top design school will have a faculty that will make you love the craft even more. They will make you desire success, and they will show you how to become a top industry professional.

The Pros and Cons of online Fashion Design schools might vary between students. An online course should give you the same teachings as you would have in a classroom environment, all in the comfort of your home.  You will save money on the transportation, room and board, and save your energy to work on your art and creativity. Always verify what material you will need for the courses.  Some places might give you the material needed, some won’t.

The communication between faculty member and peers might become a challenge.  Always make sure when choosing your design school that they offer a system of communication, phone numbers, or anything in case you need question answered.

Either if you are starting or continuing a fashion design career, research is a must. Always make sure that the school you choose will tailor your needs.  Ask as many questions as possible.  Be yourself and be creative.  Also, enjoy what you love and aim for a greater success.


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