It is difficult to define exactly what makes one computer aided design (CAD) school better than another.  Ultimately it comes down to personal choice.  Below are a few items a potential AutoCAD student may want to take into consideration when weighing the pros and cons of an online computer aided design school.


Does the online design college have a reputable staff? Most online CAD schools will provide an overview of the faculty and their experience, both teaching and possibly as AutoCAD professionals. These past or current professions may include architects, interior designers or even civil engineers.  As well, an alumni referral service can also be helpful in querying past students.  


Whether or not the CAD school is in the country you reside may also factor into your decision. Many schools in other countries offer certificates that will be suitable for employment only in the country where you obtain the certificate.  Certificates may be perfectly acceptable for the type of CAD work you will be seeking, perhaps for jewelry making.  Some may prefer to have a degree and yet others may seek both from a university, such as for civil engineering.  Some AutoCAD design colleges are also “accredited” meaning it is legally authorized by the state to provide the design programs being offered.  


The popular appeal of most online CAD courses and programs is the flexibility the student has for design course work and the ability to be in class virtually from anywhere a computer is available. While this is fine for some, others may prefer a more traditional classroom setting and the potential to engage in more social situations and non academic programs such as study groups and athletic events. For others, the formation of an online chat group with other AutoCAD classmates may suite them just fine.


An online computer aided design course also affords you the luxury of staying in your own home as opposed to footing the bill for the cost of living in another location. The cost of textbooks and other unforeseen expenses can add up each semester. But again, this may be the college experience many students are after.   When assessing an AutoCAD program also consider not only your living expenses but whether or not the program offers grants or scholarships. Are CAD internships or job placement services available through the design institution?


Consider the curriculum. How does it align to your training goals? Can it be achieved within a reasonable amount of time?  For some, an online CAD degree may be more time efficient as long as the student can be self disciplined and put in the work required to receive the best training in computer aided design.  Be sure to research which versions of software the training programs are offering.  A good school will offer the most current products being used within the industry.


CAD students today have countless options available to them. Not only through online programs but also through great online networks that make them more visible to potential employers that seek computer design training. 




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