Do you have a talent for drawing or computer animation? Do you aspire to be a graphic or web designer? If you are like many working Americans considering a degree in graphic design, you are likely weighing the pros and cons of online advertising schools.

In today’s high-tech and high volume academic marketplace, a bewildering array of school choices and enrollment options confront the consumer. Online school advertisers clamor for your attention, promising you affordability, convenience, and value. But how will you choose a program that is right for you? There are a multitude of factors to consider when selecting a graphic design school. Will you choose a school on the basis of cost? Accessibility of the faculty? A reliable career network and a high rate of job placement after graduation?

While it is difficult to broadly define what characteristics constitute an ideal graphic design school, many people find it helpful to select a school on the basis of their individual priorities and needs. For example, if the availability of non-academic programs is an important factor in your decision, then you would want to select a design school with a strong extracurricular component, such as a vibrant athletics program. Or, if you do not like the prospect of living and working in a large city, then you might focus your search on schools in rural settings. Practical considerations, such as the availability of grants and scholarships awarded on the basis of financial need, might also apply. Selecting the right art school will depend upon your tastes, interests, and needs as much as on the offerings of the school itself.

While you are mulling the pros and cons of online advertising art schools, you should consider the academic support and course offerings available to you at each school. A good graphic design program will employ knowledgeable, technology-savvy faculty that are helpful and readily available to answer questions – online or in person. Such a program will give students access to state-of-the-art industry software used for logo creation, digital photography and graphics, and web design in the field. An exceptional design program will facilitate industry internships with newspaper and book publishers, and arrange networking opportunities for students to explore career possibilities and establish contacts among industry leaders. A good graphic design school will have the facilities and the resources to model industry working conditions and provide students with the most realistic, educational experience possible as emerging graphic artists. Whether your aspiration is to work in the print industry or exclusively for online retailers, your graphic design program must have the physical capacity to provide you with the tools to succeed.

When looking for the best graphic design programs, you should pay careful attention to the rate of job placement after graduation achieved by each school. A quality academic program will have a reasonably high job placement rate among new graduates, and alumni who are well-established in the field and able to offer help to newly-minted jobseekers.

When choosing the graphic design school that is right for you, remember to rate the importance of program characteristics, such as extracurriculars and job placement after graduation, from highest to lowest, according to your needs. You will be well on your way to an exciting and rewarding career in graphic design! Happy hunting!

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