Looking for Art Schools? Tennessee Art Schools have everything the aspiring Artist has been looking for

From Nashville to Memphis, these places have been known for Tennessee art schools and centers alike, one of which is the University of Tennessee, Knoxville School of Art. The students of this university are taught by and intensively learn from an internationally known faculty who accomplishes a high level of study and research, along with innovative activities as well. In 2008, the U.S. News and World Report conducted a survey among two hundred or more graduate art schools and programs in the United States, and recognized the Printmaking program in the university as 4th in the whole country. Meanwhile, their graduate program was among the top twenty five percent of schools of the nation. It was placed alongside programs of the University of Minnesota and Cornell University.

This Tennessee art school has a powerful reputation nationwide and has been accredited by the NASAD. For the undergraduate level, the art classes offered lead to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. These art programs will prepare students to engage in graduate work or a vast range of career options that includes graphic design, media art, computer art and photography. Those who graduated with these degrees can become gallery directors, arts administrators, museum staff members or a public school teacher.

The university includes an Art History Department wherein students perform research on art works’ history in the most extensive possible perspective. Study involves the exploration of the world’s famous monuments and imagery from an array of perspective that range from physical examinations of the art works themselves, to inquiries about the lives of the artists, to the analysis of the societal, political and chronological contexts within which art works are created. Art works in all forms of media such as painting, architecture; sculpting, photography and drawing are of importance to any art historian.

Being one of the best Tennessee art schools, it has a Visual Resources Collection whose primary mission is to offer good services to students and faculty through slide provisions, more visual materials, digital imaging and audio-visual equipment to support lectures in classrooms, educational needs, numerous research activities and organizational projects for the improvement of visual arts. Their pleasant and competent staff guarantees the faculty with an outstanding service and an important attention to detail. Today, the collection is currently being modernized to provide options that can be accessed through the Internet such as the Madison Digital Imaging Database.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of the Tennessee art schools where the undergraduates enjoy the benefits of minor art classes improved by its multiple activities and various course selections. This school takes its role seriously in guiding students towards an individual, productive and educational attainment. Attending the Art institute means an interaction exists between similar multi-talented students from various college programs. Being one of the reputable Tennessee art schools, the Art Institute of Pittsburg offer media design programs, culinary programs, fashion programs, and general design programs. In this school, students learn through constant exposure to their fields of study. For example, students taking up fashion classes study more than just fashion design. They go deep into the effects of fashion history to present trends and how the business aspect stimulates their industry.

If you are looking for Tennessee art schools, you can find a number of them online. Be sure to do your research for you to make the best decision on which of these Tennessee art schools you are going to enroll in.

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