If attending an advertising school is your interest the warm climate and incredible architecture of Tempe Arizona may be your destination. Tempe is a landscape of diversity and pop culture that plays into the perfect backdrop for any advertising school student. Tempe is named after the famous Vale of Tempe in ancient Greece. The actual Vale of Tempe is known for being a place of great beauty and inspiration which makes this an aptly named city when it comes to schools. The beautiful desert surrounding…Tempe lends inspiration to artists and students alike. The climate makes for a university atmosphere where students of any school can pursue their educational goals. The area is rich in cultural history making it a great arena to learn in. The presence of Native American culture and artifacts, many that are lent to local universities and schools, inspire anyone with a love of things long gone. Tempe sports an array of advertising forums for students interested in a number of mediums. Home to top design advertising schools, illustration advertising schools as well as schools offering instruction on the business end of advertising, Tempe has it all. Some of the nation’s top students have obtained their degrees in advertising and design in the sun baked streets of this desert wonderland and gone on to work in some of the country’s top companies such as Disney and Microsoft. An atmosphere that caters to the modern day student most of Tempe’s advertising schools make becoming a student easy. The local advertising and illustration schools offer financial aid and all the help you would need to attend a local school. There is literally opportunity around every corner in the Tempe area. Those seriously interested in advertising can attend a number of classes or take on a full time class load with little effort enrolling. There are many around the country in large advertising firms who recommend Tempe illustration and advertising schools. Are you thinking that Tempe is in the middle of nowhere…think again. Tempe is in the heart of Phoenix metropolitan area. In fact Tempe is an important part of the fifth most populous city in the United States. Although Arizona is known for being hot, the flip side offers moderate winters and cool nights. The area hosts many large organizations that will help any advertising student get ahead in their chosen field. So if advertising school is for you and you are looking for a place to settle into for the duration of you educational beginnings, consider the high desert area of Tempe. A culture steeped in history, wild in art and rich in diversity, the area can offer more to the student wanting to attend advertising school than many of the other places that claim to help inspire today’s students. Over 150 advertising and marketing firm in the area support students who finish their schooling in Tempe offering a rich proving ground as well for anyone on their way to a career in the field of advertising.

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