When you want qualifications but don’t want to study for four years for a degree, Hawaii technical schools bridge the gap between work and specialized training.

Students who wish to pursue a career-focused study program may choose to attend a technical school or college rather than undertaking a four year university degree course. Over 80% of jobs don’t need a full honors degree, but most higher-level jobs do require training of a specialized nature that goes beyond that offered in high school. Technical schools, also known as technical colleges, trade schools or community colleges offer this middle road to students, giving them dedicated, focused, vocational training in the subject area of their choice.

This type of study suits many students, but in particular those who know exactly which career path they wish to follow, or those who want to work and study at the same time. A technical college is, by definition, a school or college that prepares and trains students for work in a particular industry or employment type.

Hawaii technical schools offer a full range of courses that give students certifications or diplomas in particular areas of study that are pertinent to the career the student wishes to follow. Vocational course may require the student to study alongside a job, with the experience gained during working hours going towards making up a college certificate of achievement. Many of the more in-depth or advanced courses at technical colleges run for just two years and award an Associate Degree rather than the four years needed for traditional degree study.

Career choices for students of Hawaii technical schools are wide and diverse, and students are advised to give careful consideration to the course they choose. Many students choose career paths that mirror their leisure interests. For instance, computer enthusiasts may decide to study for a career in computer programming or combine programing with a love of design and study internet programing and website design.

Hawaii offers students access to the same programs of study as that available throughout the mainland USA, but its geographical position and climate makes Hawaii the ideal place to study in a few distinct career areas. Business studies, for instance, put students at the heart of the multinational trading center that is Hawaii, and the Travel and Tourism student is ideally placed to study hospitality in the state that’s world renowned for its welcome to visitors and tourists. Many organizations and companies in Hawaii offer internships to students studying management in the travel industry.

Occasionally students may find they need extra help to complete their courses if they’re finding the academic side of study too rigorous. Most technical schools will offer support to students who need help to complete their coursework, or support them in related activities such as extra tutoring in Math or English studies.

The associates degrees offered by technical schools and community colleges can be expanded into full bachelors degrees following further study, or can be used as stand alone qualifications that gain entry to employment.

By opening up community colleges and technical schools across Hawaii, the state provides access to higher education to a greater section of the community, giving young people or those wishing to retrain a head start in following the career of their choice.

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