Studying interactive communications provides you with the skills to create interactive applications that integrate technicality and artistic design into one. The area of study combines both the theory and practice of integrating audio, text, graphics, video and animation into a singular digital platform. Through this Master’s degree program, you will have the chance to study sound design, imaging, media law, and Web programming.

Studying interactive communications combines various digital elements to create interactive applications – a skill that requires mastery of creative talent and technical proficiency. Interactive communicators create different media products for various purposes. Some of the most common products online are the advertising campaigns that incorporate games with clickable website links. You may also find similar products on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The creation of interactive advertising campaigns is not child’s play. It involves enrolling in a Master’s degree that lasts 18-24 months. You can take the course online or offline, and may choose between thesis-based or project-based programs. 

The first step to becoming an interactive communicator is to ensure that you qualify for the master’s degree program. This involves studying a required course before being admitted for enrolment. The course requirements vary from one school to another, so check the requirements list from various schools. 

The second step is to choose a school carefully. Be sure to research about the school to determine if it does provide quality education and training. You can read about the experience of students who go there or read reviews from those who already graduated from the same school. 

Depending on the school, students studying interactive communication are required to finish at least a number of the following courses:

• Information Animation
• Media Imaging and Sound Design
• Visual Aesthetics
• Writing for Interactive Media
• Communications

The topics included in the course are related to theories in mass communication and the laws that govern the distribution of digital content over the Internet. Students studying interactive communication will cover a wide variety of relevant topics from multimedia design and interactive animation, to social media, Internet ethics, and writing for interactivity.

Graduates can enter into careers involved in advertising, communications, and entertainment. Specific job titles include the following:

• Web Producer
• Social Media Consultant
• Apps Developer
• User Experience Designer
• Interactive Content Developer
• Web Developer
• Graphics Designer

Many companies today require the skills of interactive communicators. You can find these professionals working in advertising firms, entertainment industries, online marketing companies, and the like. If you have experience in the media profession, you will definitely know how crucial it is for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Hence, studying interactive communications is a great opportunity. 

While getting a master’s degree is sufficient to land you a successful job as an interactive communicator, you may desire to continue your education and go for doctoral programs. These programs are usually offered in universities and often focus on ethical issues about humans and technology. However, the graduate student may opt to go for a program that is focused on the artistic side of studying interactive communications. Through further study on the subject matter, you may learn to develop new ideas that can advance the usability of interactive applications and its impact on society as a whole.

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