Individuals interested in studying game art and design can do so by entering a two or four-year program at any suitable college in the world. Game art designers are responsible for creating the game art, visual concepts, and character models for video games before they are fully produced. Game art designers usually work with a full team of visual artists to construct 2D and 3D animation for video games. These animations and visual creations are needed to make video game graphics as realistic as possible. By studying game art and design, graduates with the proper skills and training can make a lucrative career in the field.

Students aspiring to one day reach their goal of gaining employment with a video game design company should work towards completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in game design or computer science. Moreover, game design students can further their training and knowledge by entering a master’s degree program. Although not a necessary requirement, studying game art and design through a master’s or computer science degree can better your chances of succeeding in this competitive market.

Prospective students interested in studying game art and design should expect to take a number of courses focused on 2D animation, model creation, 3D animation, character animation, game project development, and game art portfolio. Also, students will need to acquire the necessary math skills needed to be a qualified game art and designer. 2D and 3D animation courses will emphasize the basics of creating superb computer graphics; students will develop the skills needed to utilize the interface, and controls of animation and graphic programs.

Character animation courses will help game and art design students learn how to construct video game characters that are a reflection of real people. This course will also teach game design students how to use animation to construct video game characters that display the appropriate actions and reactions during certain scenarios within a video game. A model creation course will teach the tools needed to create visual concepts within a video game such as game characters, buildings, land layouts, surfaces, and angles.

Additionally, any reputable institution will include game project development as part of their curriculum. The focus of this course will teach the fundamentals of managing the idea and construction of a video game project (this includes character development, lighting effects, environment creation, and animation). Studying game art and design requires an understanding of the big picture production as well as the technical aspects to develop games successful.

Game art designers can make a sizeable income once they complete their degree program; the salary range depends on experience and education. Creating a professional portfolio that will include a demo of work is essential in opening new job opportunities as well as improving salary. Students can create their portfolios while completing their degree program. The purpose of constructing a portfolio is to give potential employers an idea of the type of skills and experience student has; this is especially vital for students that do not have work experience.

By studying game art and design, graduates have the potential to earn an annual income close to $60,000 a year. Those with extensive experience and skills can make an annual income within the six-figure range.  

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