Character animation may be a commonly heard term around the world, however, the role of a character animator is misunderstood and overlooked once the final products have been released to consumers. Much like the role of a stage actor, character animators are artists that breathe life into their creations. Illustrators, concept and digital artists alike find themselves venturing into this extraordinary field of talent, imagination, and skill.

There are a variety of different colleges and classes one could take to understand what is involved in studying character animation for games. Often, prospective students find themselves wanting to know more about the art and its many career advantages. 

Students studying character animation for games will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of animation, which provides a strong understanding of what principles are required to create a well-rounded and believable animated character. The college will then showcase the core concepts to develop the understanding of body mechanics. Curriculums also provide important animating factors that range from dialogue, gestures, and timing to motion, creation, and planning.

Assignments act as a self-assessment of the skills that have been taught in each module and once you have achieved a grade higher than the recommended pass rate set by the college, you may progress to the next module.

When you have decided on the school that best suits you and chosen to start studying character animation, there are a number of topics that will become familiar to you including:
– 2D and 3D perspective and animation
– Culture and film history
– Art of creating characters
– Shortcuts, rendering and real-time applications

Most institutions ask for a material fee, provide a breakdown of the qualification offered, and the list of required admission criteria to qualify for the requested course. The admission is generally handled through a well-coordinated system that reviews each application individually. Prospective students wishing to study character animation for games through an accredited institution are deciding to enter a world of imagination, possibility and alternate reality, as well as, internships with external and internal partners.

Studying character animation for games is rewarding and provides a unique skill set that will give students the opportunity to succeed in this fast moving and rapidly increasing industry. Some colleges also assist you with the creation and upkeep of your animating portfolio, which will help with your job placement after your studies have been finalized and the qualification obtained.

Most employers are looking for animators with a diverse background in both 2D and 3D animation and offer additional positions such as Video Editor, Motion Graphics Animator, Character Developer, and Animation Supervisor. Studying character animation for games opens new doors for individuals who love concept art, illustration, and general design.

The role of a character animator is rapidly increasing in today’s world of gaming. With newly developed techniques and software, game characters are becoming more interactive and complicated. The art of character animation for games has become an on-going computer science that requires research, patience, passion, and the right understanding to deliver an awesome package to excited consumers. 

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