Gaming is one of the most profitable industries today, especially because more people have computers, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and the like. If you want to be part of the industry, studying 3D modeling for games (either by a full bachelor’s degree or a certificate program) is a good start.

Studying 3D modeling for games is designed to develop a student’s skills in character creation for video games. Upon graduation, you can start a career as a 3D game modeler, but expect to be working with other professionals, including computer programmers, conceptual artists, and game designers. The job requires a specific skill set that can be only acquired through diligent study and training.

If you are already working as a professional in the video game industry, you can further enhance your skills and your career by acquiring a new skill set. You can become a 3D modeler, but specifically focused on game development. A certificate program consists of core topics that aim to train students in 3D game modeling.

By studying 3D modeling for games, you will be able to use high-technology 3D modeling software and techniques to create unique video game characters. It is important to continually develop your skills and portfolio as game companies are always on the lookout for fresh, creative talent.

Since the course involves the creation of 3D video game characters and environment, you will be working with multimedia tools. Some of the common topics you will be encountering include:

• Digital Imaging
• Drawing
• Sculpture
• Material and Lighting
• Game Modeling
• 3D Modeling Principles
• Designing Interior Spaces
• Background and Layout
• Anatomy
• Surface Modeling
• Animation
• Texture Mapping

Not everyone is best suited for studying 3D modeling for games. Many schools are stringent when it comes to the fulfillment of requirements. First of all, you must possess excellent drawing skills and a high level of computer literacy. Since you will be working with computer programs, it is essential that you know how to use some of the most common graphic design programs. In addition, artistic skill is necessary because you will be working with visually creative elements. Most schools may also require at least an associate’s degree, more preferably one that is related to the program.

However, studying 3D modeling for games can be quite fun. It is a technical area of study, but it also incorporates creativity, which makes it more interesting. Graduates have many career options including, game development assistant, 3D renderer, character modeler, game designer, Web designer, and more.

There is a huge demand for animators, game developers, and other multimedia artists today. Right now, people are looking forward to viewing breathtaking movies, watching awesome special effects, and playing realistic-looking video games. However, it is important for artists to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies involved in the creation of modern computer games.

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