Well-frequented by history buffs, South Carolina is home to one of the richest historical art scenes in America. In South Carolina, one would be astounded at the old yet sturdy forts that have withstood tribulations such as the Civil War, and marvel at the unique antebellum architecture that most houses at Charleston have incorporated. Newcomers would often be amazed at how much artistic history is preserved, as well as discovering art events that are promoted throughout the state. Art galleries and museums are also frequented; one museum being the Columbia Museum of Art – an international art museum that features ancient, Renaissance and contemporary artworks, employing different mediums such as glass, paintings, and sculptures. 

Looking at another spectrum at the arts and culture of South Carolina, the film industry also takes great pleasure in using the natural sceneries of the state to shoot marvelous films. Films such as Lolita, The Notebook, and Dear John were all shot in South Carolina, which greatly speaks of the potential for blossoming film directors to take advantage of these scenic spots, as well as their inspiration to create mind-blowing movies. Well-known South Carolinian actors and comedians such as Stephen Colbert and Chris Rock also help boost the morale of future South Carolinian students to further take film degrees and careers in hopes of becoming successful in the field. 

Thus, it is no surprise that there are numerous film degrees that are available to those interested, either by attending a local college or by applying online. Most film degrees in South Carolina also drive home a point of not only equipping students with basic cinematic and theater knowledge but also equipping them with the latest advances in media technology. By employing this strategy, studying a film degree in South Carolina would give a student much needed variety in order for him to pick and choose his own strengths and weaknesses in the world of film. There are also some film degrees in South Carolina that require students to have an internship, which will also help them have a taste of what the film industry is like, perhaps inspiring them more and helping them choose which career in the industry they prefer. 

And so upon graduating, many of these students who take up these film degrees end up becoming independent film directors, who enjoy managing and overseeing the entire casting crew, or decide to become video editors and scriptwriters who are responsible in molding and perfecting the movie itself. Other careers that these film degrees provide are working with media-centered corporations, mostly in advertising – others also try out communication centers or photography as well. 

At the end of the day, there is no better way than to pursue a film degree in South Carolina. With enough inspiration from the rich artistic history of the state to its wondrous museums, its beautiful sceneries, and well-known actors, South Carolina is ready to equip its students with the latest in technology and information in order to make sure that these students’ stars will shine brightly in the years to come. 

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