As the name implies, software developers create and develop new software products for individuals and businesses. If you enjoy creating new products for computer users, a software developer career may be ideal for you. It can be a fascinating and dynamic field with good opportunities to make a decent salary while also using your creative talent and skills.

There is often no specific educational or academic criteria for software developers. Though for many companies a college degree is desirable, many software developers begin their careers without a college degree. If you do have the opportunity to attend college, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering are excellent degrees for entry into this field. Even after securing employment, software developers should continue to educate themselves on advances in technology so their skills remain marketable.

As a software developer you should be creative, inventive, and imaginative. You should also be organized, flexible, and have the ability to adapt to changes. Having the capability to deal effectively with frustration is important as projects will often hit many obstacles before they are completed. One last skill you will need in your software developer career is the ability to work hard. When working on a new project, late nights are not uncommon as you will often need to meet strict deadlines.

One of the most exciting things about a software developer career is the chance to create a unique product. There are so many types of products that can be developed and a plethora of ideas to be explored. It is a technical field but it is also an artistic one that requires a good imagination and the ability to create. You should also be able to solve problems as software developers often have to fix programs for their clients.

During a typical week, a software developer would perform a variety of tasks. These would include researching, designing and implementing new programs. You might also network with clients and potential clients. You would need to also use your organizational skills to account for your time, manage your expenses, and invoice clients. Keeping educated on new programs and technologies would also be an important part of your work week and is vital in helping you advance your software developer career.

You can make good money as a software developer. Staring salaries in this field can range from $25,000 up to $50,000. Software developers for large companies can make well over $100,000. The median annual salary for software developers was approximately $70,000 in 2008. Obtaining experience and learning the various aspects of the field will help you get ahead in your software developer career and push your salary higher. Talent and experience is always in demand in the industry, and good developers will have their choice of jobs and the potential to earn a very good salary.

If you desire to work in a creative and dynamic environment with a chance to make some good money, pursuing a software developer career will put you in a field that is estimated to grow at a rate of almost 40% through 2016. This high rate of growth will provide you with plenty of opportunities for employment and advancement, and the chance to earn a great living.

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