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BA in Advertising
Pursuing a major in advertising can lead to a rewarding creative career.

MA in Advertising
A Master of Arts degree in advertising prepares graduates to thrive in the dynamic industry of advertising.

BA in Animation
Gaining a Bachelor's degree in Animation will provide the necessary framework for the next step towards an exciting career.

MA in Animation
A Master's degree in animation carries on the education for who plans to enter this exceedingly exciting field.

BA in Architecture
There are a number of reputable academic institutions that offer Bachelor´s degrees in Architecture.

MA in Architecture
A Master's degree in architecture prepares students to flourish in the immensely exciting architectural field.

BA in Arts Management
A Bachelor's degree in arts management will prepare students to enter the arts management field.

MA in Arts Management
If you are interested in a career in the arts, a Master's degree in arts management is desirable.

BA in Audio Production
A Bachelor's degree in audio production will lead the prospective student into a career within a literally booming industry.

MA in Audio Production
Completing Master's degree in audio production means setting yourself up for a very rewarding career.

BA in Fashion Design
A Bachelor's degree in fashion design is a good choice for those who possess a keen interest in creating original apparel.

MA in Fashion Design
Students pursuing a Master's degree in fashion design are generally working towards entry into a lucrative industry.

BA in Film
Gaining a Bachelor's degree in film is a good way to start your entertainment industry career.

MA in Film
A Master's degree in film is designed to prepare interested students to execute their own fabulous creative projects.

BA in Fine Arts
A Bachelor's degree in fine arts qualification can open many doors for the undergraduate.

MA in Fine Arts
A Master's degree in fine arts opens up a variety of interesting career options for you.

BA in Game Design
A Bachelor's degree in game design offers the opportunity for students to explore their creative.

MA in Game Design
If you are interested in the exciting world of creating games, a Master's degree in game design is for you.

BA in Graphic Design
Gaining a Bachelor's degree in graphic design will take the prospective graduate through all of the basics of design.

Master's Degree in Graphic Design
A Master's degree in graphic design equips graduates with the relevant knowledge so that they may be successful in this rapidly evolving field.

BA in Illustration
The career opportunities for alumni of a Bachelor's degree in illustration program are vast and extensive.

MA in Illustration
A Master's degree in illustration is something to aspire towards.

BA in Interior Design
Graduates of a Bachelor's degree in interior design will find themselves ready for employment.

MA in Interior Design
Upon completion of a Master's degree in interior design, a student can work as a designer.

BA in Performing Arts
Turn your passion into a career with a Bachelor's degree in performing arts.

MA in Performing Arts
The Master's degree in performing arts provides a deeper insight into the performing arts in their many facets.

BA in Photography
A Bachelor's degree in photography will equip the prospective photographer with the necessary skills to pursue a career.

MA in Photography
There are many wonderful opportunities students will be able to explore once they obtain their Master's degree in Photography.

BA in Web Design
A web design degree teaches students the tools and technology of the creative web design industry.

MA in Web Design
A Master's degree in web design prepares students from all over for exciting web design opportunities.

All About Advertising Programs
Students entering an advertising degree program can expect to complete a varied, comprehensive course load.

Animation Degrees & Program Information
Pursing an animation program ensures that students will learn the various techniques to become a professional animator.

Building the Future: Tips for Aspiring Architects
To begin working as an architect, individual must complete a degree program.

Get Behind the Scenes: Arts Management Programs
Arts management is a diverse career field.

Learn More: Audio Production & Engineering
Audio production degrees prepare students for various technical careers within the audio production industry.

Opportunities in Fashion Design
A fashion design education prepares students for a variety of jobs within the fashion industry.

What is a Fashion Marketing Major?
A degree in fashion marketing prepares students to enter the fashion industry.

Study & Learn Fashion Merchandising
A fashion merchandising education prepares graduates for entry-level positions working alongside designers.

Study & Learn Film, Video and TV
Graduates with specific film, TV and Video skills are more likely to find employment upon graduation.

Studying the Fine Arts
A fine art degree ensures that graduates have a variety of marketable skills.

Earn an Illustration or Drawing Degree
Students interested in drawing and illustration should consider pursuing a drawing degree program.

Majoring in Fine Art Painting
An education in painting can prepare students for careers as professional artists.

Degree Options for Serious Gamers: Study & Learn Game Design
A game design program prepares graduates for careers in the rapidly changing field of video game design.

Creative Technologies: Earning a Graphic Design Degree
Graphic design training will include coursework on design principles as related to commercial art.

Learn More: Illustration Programs
An illustration education from an accredited university ensures the quality of training received.

More Than Just Decorating: Tips for Aspiring Interior Designers
Interior design training involves practical studio design courses in addition to general education requirements.

Earning a Degree in the Performing Arts
It is truly an exciting time to prepare for a rewarding career in performing arts.

Editor's Pick: All About Photography Programs
Photography programs are typically offered at larger art universities.

Stealing the Scene: Visual Effects Degrees
A formal visual effects education prepares graduates for careers in the video or gaming industry.

Editor's Pick: Learn More about Web Design
Studying web design is sure to be fun filled, challenging, and extremely fulfilling.

Where Technology and Creativity Meet: Studying New Media
Studying new media helps you exploit your own talent.

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