Shea Hembrey (b. 1974) is a conceptual artist living and working in New Jersey. Having graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University. Before becoming an artist, Hembrey worked as a breeder of migratory fowl with the U.S. Department of the Interior, and often times this background has influenced his works. Hembrey went on to expand his artistic education by studying Maori artwork in New Zealand for a year, and has been a featured lecturer for the TED Talks Series.

Taking inspiration from art and nature, Hembrey’s works rely heavily on research. From one conceptual idea, Hembrey creates complex works of art using mixed media and methods dictated by the concept of his original idea. His works are currently represented by New York’s Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. His collections have included paintings and sculptures that best articulate the original subject, whether that subject is as broad as the universe, as mysterious and scientific as black holes. Hembrey’s best-known collection, SEEK, is a complex exploration of the work, back stories, and personal styles of 100 different fictional artists created in the mind of Hembrey himself. This collection was the subject of his critically acclaimed TED Talk lecture.

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