How about a course that allows the students to make practical use of their love for design? There is such a course – industrial design program. An industrial design program is meant for people who love inventing or enhancing new, practical items that can be used in daily life. An industrial designer can be involved in designing ships, planes, computer items and household appliances. An industrial designer should have both artistic aptitude as well as knowledge about the use of the item, user requirements, raw materials required and production techniques. This will help him produce the most useful, attractive design that is possible. Generally, an industrial designer will specialize in a particular sector like planes or household appliances.

The first educational course for industrial design is The Bachelor of Industrial Design. This course is designed in such a way as to make the student an industrial designer, artist and entrepreneur all in one. It covers various aspects of design, starting from fundamentals, to intermediate level, information about materials and computing skills pertaining to industrial design like CAD.

The average salary earned by an entry level industrial designer lies between $38,800 and $47,200 annually. Those who have specialized education in fields like cars or planes can get higher salary than those who don’t have such an experience. The average salary for senior (5+ years of experience) designers lies between $58,000 and $71,000 annually.

There are many schools that offer industrial design courses throughout the US. Amongst them, Seattle industrial design schools are amongst the best. Why Seattle? Located in the northwest part of the state if Washington, it is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest region. It has direct links with international trade in East Asia, Australia, and Eastern Europe. It has become the Mecca for students looking for higher degrees in design in order to be employed by international organizations and businesses operating in the US. Seattle has become the center for recruitment of designers by organizations located in other parts of the world.

While there are many industrial design schools in Seattle, the leading three Seattle industrial design schools are: University of Washington – Seattle Campus, Bellevue Community College and Edmonds Community College. Of these, University of Washington is the largest and is a public college offering four year course. Bellevue and Edmonds are also public colleges but offer two year courses.

After completion of the courses, the students can work as industrial designers and design products for various home and office use. Another job opportunity that these students can avail of is packing design manager. This job involves supervising the design and production of packaging the company’s products. Here the knowledge of principles of design, resources, color and marketing along with creating the packaging that is attractive to the customer, while avoiding damage to the product is important. The packing design manager can earn $79,000 to $106,000 annually. Lastly, those industrial engineers who have become experts in their field can work as postsecondary instructors. Their job is to teach students of industrial engineering, design and supervise tests, read papers and in certain cases, print or create thesis on subjects in this field. Here the average salary earned is around $51,800.

With such a brilliant future, industrial design is a right field for those who want to use their artistic skills for practical purposes. Moreover there is no better place to study this course than in one of the many Seattle industrial design schools.

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